Absolute FIT inc

12-Week Program

Our clients learn how to
Identify, Modify and Rectify
their Lifestyle choices!

This weight management option is a 12-week individualized program that includes a meal plan designed for your individual needs.

It's time to get off the diet roller coaster!

You will also receive an exchange guide, grocery shopping list, a meal and snack tracker, and you will have 8-follow up meetings to weigh-in and get ongoing weight management support.

In these meetings, we will discuss the week's successes/obstacles, and go over the meal tracker to determine areas for improvement.

Together, let's make
your weight management program successful!

Clients Receive

Client's Comments


I was very overweight and the doctor told me that if the weight didn't come off, I would not live to be an old man.

Doug Before




"I was miserable and depressed with the wayHeather I looked and felt. When I got home, I called Absolute FIT and my journey began."

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