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Meal Plan:

Many people suffer from "portion distortion." This is where we come in!


Want to know what, when, and how much to eat? If so, then let us fine-tune your meal plan, so you can stop the guessing game once and for all.

Your meal plan will be personally customized to you and your lifestyle and combined with an exchange guide so your plan has some flexibility..

We also provide you with a grocery list so your shopping experience is streamlined.


Whether you have a minor or major weight problem, wish to reduce some body fat or increase your lean muscle tissue, we have a plan that will fit you.

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Transformation Pics

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5-Phases (but less than 30 days) and you are headed for weight management success!

You must be a registered weight management client to participate in the 5-Phase program.

This program incorporates a wide variety of supplements that are utilized along with food purchases from your favorite grocery store.

You receive guidance on exactly what you should be eating for all 3-meals of the day. You will include a shake or supplement with every meal.

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There are options for how many supplements you will utilize while on this program. This program includes 5-personal consultations until the 5th phase is reached.

If you are not a Weight Management Client but are ready to change your lifestyle and would like to participate in this program, please contact us today to get started.


Which One
Should I Choose?

These programs listed below work best with individuals who find it "easy to make changes" with little guidance.

These programs work best with individuals who find it "impossible to find "ME TIME"" and/or prepare meals.


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