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Personalized meals

Knowing what your body needs is the #1 key for success!

Let us help you plan and structure your diet to help you achieve your goals. Our plans are user-friendly and provide a perfect balance of nutrients and calories to maximize your weight management experience.


Also included with your plan will be a food exchange list so that your meal plan has some flexibility.

You will have a weight progress log to track your success. You can also view recipes and exercises to help maximize your calorie burning and more!

Important Note:
The personalized meal plan is a very large part of your weight management success. However, you also need to include a balanced exercise program into your daily lifestyle to be the most successful.

The combination of proper eating
and exercise is a win-win combination every time.


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The Assessment

We are all different and our meal plans are too! There is no "one size fits all." Your meal plan will be personalized and combined with an exchange guide and grocery shopping list, which will define meal quantities, including exact food items that can be picked up in a local grocery store.

Whether you have a minor or major weight problem or just wish to reduce some body fat or increase lean muscle tissue, we have a plan that is right for you.

We truly want your Weight Management Program to be a great success and are always here to help with your goals. By implementing our Motto "Don't Cheat Your Body"® into your daily lifestyle, your success is just around the corner.

Click on any of the following to see examples of our meal plan program. You will need Adobe Reader® to view samples below.

Sample Meal Plan
Provides basic meals, foods in meals, protein, carbs, fat values and daily totals. report

Sample Grocery List
Provides a listing of the required foods needed to follow a meal plan. report

Sample Nutrient Summary
Provides a comparison of actual nutrient values against goals for one date or a range of dates (averages). report

Sample Goals and Tracking
Tracks changes in body weight and body fat over time in relation to weight goals. report

Our food exchange guide is not displayed. This guide allows you to exchange foods listed on your meal plan.