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VO2 testing

What is VO2 testing?

To get the best results for you, it is very important to know the correct exercise intensity that will provide you the optimum, sustainable burn of fat and calories. Whether your goal is weight loss or performance, it is important to know what range you should be working within.

Our system is the same technology found in Olympic and Sports Medicine Clinics.

VO2 testing can be performed on a stationary bike (shown), treadmill or your personal bike

The program
What good is a bunch of numbers if we don't do anything with them?

  • Here is what you get:
    Individualized cardio program based on your numbers.

    Individual workouts based on your starting point and your goals..

    Improved cardiovascular fitness and enhanced athletic performance (excellent for all athletes & first timers!)

    Increase your workout efficiency by knowing your individual heart rate that you must be at to maximize the most fat and calories burned during each workout.


The Assessment

What is the test like and how long will it take?
Depending on your goals, a Sub Maximal or Peak VO2 assessment will be performed.

We will measure your unique response to exercise (whether you are burning fat or sugar) at different exercise intensities.

It's simple to perform and requires only about 20 mins to complete. Please plan for about 30 to 40 mins total for the pretest, test, program and explanation of the results.

The Results
What will a VO2 test tell me about my response to exercise?

You get a complete report showing your Peak VO2, Anaerobic Threshold, fitness level and caloric burn rate.

Correct heart rate training zones, frequency, intensity and duration to achieve targeted results, your unique response to exercise intensity.

Train Smarter, not harder
You've heard that a million times but what does it really mean?

With this test we can tell you how hard you should workout to improve your body's ability to burn fat and calories.

You will lose inches faster because your cardio workouts will be specifically tailored to have you work within your ideal range.

Eliminate the guesswork that defeats most exercise and training programs. KNOW YOUR TARGET HEART RATE ZONES!

Group Discounts

Our Mobile FIT portable testing equipment is ready to visit your health club, home, business for a day of testing.

Schedule 4 or more tests at a time and receive 10% off each test. Contact our testing team at (706) 858.3456 to schedule your testing event.


What is VO2?
VO2 Stands for Volume of Oxygen. The CardioCoach measures the volume of oxygen your body consumed at the various intensity levels during your test.

The higher the workload you perform, the more oxygen your body requires to metabolize the energy needed.

Since there is a direct relationship between oxygen consumption (VO2) and Calories burned, the CardioCoach can also determine how many calories your body is burning at each intensity level.

Aerobic Threshold (AeT)
At low intensity activities your heart and lungs can easily supply all of the oxygen your body demands.

Your Aerobic Threshold tells you the heart rate at which your body starts to increase its need for oxygen. This shows you the minimum intensity you need to get benefits from exercising. The higher your AeT, the more you can move, the more you can do!

Anaerobic Threshold (AT)
At high levels of intensity your body does not have sufficient oxygen to meet energy demands.

Your Anaerobic Threshold is the maximum intensity of exercise that you can maintain for only a few minutes. You need to stay right below this threshold in order to avoid getting "burned out" too quickly.


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